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About Hot-Can

Hot-Can Sdn Bhd was set up in 2002 to develop and manufacture revolutionary Self-heating smart packaging for the global beverage market.
Hot-Can Sdn Bhd has set up its new state of the art manufacturing facility in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to utilize its latest designed & patented new technology, to brings consumers a new and affordable way to drink hot beverages on the go. Hot-Can Sdn Bhd has spent RM20 million and 7 years to develop the hottest new packaging product on the planet.
Today's active lifestyles demand speed and convenience and Hot-Can Sdn Bhd delivers this to commuters, executives, and even moms on the go. Hot-Can is a pioneer in the smart packaging arena and is setting new standards for quality, performance, speed, and pricing for self-heating beverages in the global market.
Hot-Can Sdn Bhd continues to develop innovative new products such as the self-heating baby formula smart packaging with built-in nipple for parents on the go and food steamers that heat solid food.
Hot-Can mission will be to always deliver the best quality, innovative self-heating smart packaging for consumers in the 21st millennium.